• with Rania Kassab Chakhtoura

About Me

A firm believer that every human being is born with an infinite potential and that education is the transformative tool that lays the foundation of all growth for the society as a whole. Hence, I pursued my calling by starting my career as a teacher -influencing one mind at a time- then joined Rearden Educational's Concept Bookstore to soon become the company's Managing Director. My role was to spread quality education through a 360 approach; starting from arming teachers with the necessary skills needed to influence future generations, working on quality publications to collaborating with world-leading professionals in the education field.

And since all things are possible because anything can be learned, I am a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) Practitioner helping clients to transcend their self-made limitations and fears by tapping into their inner mind to unlock the infinite potential they hold within.

Together, through an RTT®️ personalized program, crafted around areas that require change, as well as follow-up sessions, clients become masters of their own transformational journey, day-in, day-out minus any psychological barriers that hinder their limitless growth potential. All sessions can be held online or in-person for ultimate convenience based on clients' schedule.

To know more, I invite you to complete the RTT Intake & Consultation Form for a free discovery call with Rania.

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